A congratulatory pat on the back is deserved of the Robertson County Board members who stuck together to oppose an improper take-over of the Water District’s Committees. They succeeded because they were united.

     This is the first time since the inception of the Water District that Robertson County Board members acted as a cohesive group to stand up to Brazos County bullies McDonald and Watson. Please take the time to congratulate your County Commissioners on this milestone, because they are the ones who worked so hard to seat Board members that are now capable of defending Robertson County and Brazos County landowners against a manipulative group of would be pirates.

     It started with Tom McDonald’s awkward attempt to take over the Presidency of the District, followed by his improper appointment of rogue committee members to the Rules and Nominating committees. It was McDonald’s rogue Nominating Committee that stepped in and tried to wrangle control of the District by improperly nominating Brazos County Municipal representative Bill Harris as his “successor” to the position of President. The “committee” was chaired by McDonald’s rogue appointee, Brazos County Rural Water Representative Kent Watson, who is no stranger to engaging in questionable manipulations of our Water District. (Ask him if his permitted water wells are actually located in the District.)

     All of this impropriety led to a battle last Thursday. It was made abundantly clear by numerous legal opinions that the rogue Nominating Committee was improperly formed. Watson’s attempt to nominate Harris as part of a slate of nominations was failing. His “committee” had no standing. So President Bryan “Rusty” Russ took nominations from the floor instead of hearing the “committee” recommendation. This is where it got dirty. From the floor, Watson nominated the slate that his “committee” had developed. Upon further questioning by Robertson County Representative David Stratta, it was discovered that Watson’s slate of nominees was, in fact his rogue committee’s recommendation and that Watson was trying to hide that fact. The Board voted, and with a four to four vote the nomination failed. Robertson County as a group had stood up to McDonald and Watson. The wrangling went on for two or three more rounds of losing nominations when, finally, Mark Carraba of Brazos County nominated Robertson County Representative Pete Brien for President. The vote was taken, and it passed 5-3. Robertson County and Brazos County had come together to right a wrong.

     Our Board members, along with a Brazos County member, foiled Watson’s and McDonald’s attempt to control our District and, during the process they, shed light on Watson’s embarrassing attempt to hide the activities of his and McDonald’s rogue committee. It was dirty pool, and five Water District Board members wanted no part of it.

     What we can take away from this is we are now able to defend and champion honesty in the governing of our Water District. Sure, there will be more challenges as we move on, but I am happy to say that we now have representatives that will respect our property rights and won’t bow down to the likes of McDonald and Watson.

     Good job lady and gentlemen. Good job.


John Melvin

Executive Director

Brazos Valley Groundwater Rights Association