Last weeks water district meeting was a good one. There were no fights or contentious arguments. The District Staff was extremely well prepared and knowledgeable. It was a good, smooth meeting. Well it was… up until the very end, when the board president asked for members to suggest future agenda items. It was then that Bill Harris showed his colors again.

     After unsuccessfully attempting to implement a meeter reading burden on landowners in previous water district meetings Harris surprised us all by suggesting an agenda item that would consider a monitoring system for the top 10% of all producers in each water production category. Talk about beating a dead horse.

     Mr. Harris insists on trying to solve a problem that does not exist. His implication is that current reporting procedures are untrustworthy and that it is possible that someone might be turning in false numbers. There is no evidence to date that anyone is intentionally or accidentally reporting incorrect water pumping numbers.

     Mr. Harris if you want to focus on trust issues then maybe you need to look at what the District has done in regards to trust. Lets look at the lost emails, crashed hard drives, secret meetings, etc. Lets find out how a district board can reach a conclusion without ever having a public meeting. Sure there are trust issues but they were not created by actions of the landowners.

     The bottom line is that Harris is going after the landowners again. He wants to treat landowner’s water as if it belongs to the water district and that the district needs to make sure the landowner is not stealing water. Apparently Harris wants our water district to become a controlling government entity that we have to get permission from every time we want to do something with our water.

     The water district is not the owner of our water. It is only there to manage our water in an effort to protect our aquifers. Our water district is not there to allocate water or to police the water. The district is there to educate, plan and monitor.

      The water belongs to the landowner. I hope Mr. Harris can learn to accept that fact. Once he does it will make his job and the District’s job much easier.


John Melvin

Executive Director

Brazos Valley Groundwater Rights Association