Our water district has evolved into a more open and honest water district since it’s beginnings over ten years ago. We now have an opportunity to help keep it that way. Let us lead the way in a push for transparency.

     If you recall, historically our water district has been plagued by incidences of secret back room deals, clandestine piano bar meetings, lost emails, crashed computers, secret meetings at El Alamo, walking quorums, violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act, violations of the Texas Open Records Act, and most recently, attempts to hijack the water district by the use of rogue appointments to committees that met without public notice.

     We don’t want to return to the days of trying to figure out how our water district Board manages to vote to pass an action without ever having had a public discussion.

     What we suggest is an end to the secret meetings. We suggest that our water district adopt policy that requires all committee meetings be publicly posted with ample notification just as normal Board meetings are. Lets put it all out in the open for everyone to see. Let’s have a court reporter present at all meetings so that all discussions are properly documented. This would not be a dramatic change, as the District already uses a court reporter for its regular meetings.

     This is the right time. The water district has a General Manager that has exhibited a remarkable ability to provide information about the District’s activities in a neutral and timely manner, and the Water District Staff is as capable and conscientious a group as anyone could ever ask for.

     Then you add to that a Board that has the ability to stand up to coercion and manipulation and that can operate in an open and honest way… well, then you have the makings of a water district that can and should be an example of how government is supposed to work, instead of the old example of the worst of the worst in government.

     In the interest of openness and honesty lets encourage them to put into place policy that requires our water district Board members to conduct business in a way that lets us all see how they make the decisions they make.

     All of this seems rather simple and should be easy to implement, but rest assured there will probably be much opposition to this idea of transparency. Watson and McDonald have operated in the dark for years and will want to continue their ways, as was evidenced by their attempted take-over of the Board Presidency and the appointment of rogue committees, because they know it will be difficult for them to further their hidden anti property rights agenda in the light of day.


      All we are asking for is an honest, transparent water district.


John Melvin

Executive Director

Brazos Valley Groundwater Rights Association