The Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District convened recently for their regular meeting. One of the items on the agenda was to consider a motion for rehearing regarding a new District rule that was passed in the previous meeting.

The rule in question has to do with how the District will implement cutbacks if and when it becomes necessary in order for the District to protect aquifers from over pumping.

The new rule that was ultimately fair to everyone (landowners, municipalities and industries) was the result of two years of very detailed hard work in open public meetings. There was no opposition to the rule throughout the entire process until the day of the vote, when the City of Bryan influenced Cathy Lazarus, Kent Watson (Wickson Water) and Eddy Young (Major Oaks Power Plant) to oppose this rule.

During the recent meeting, anti-property rights activists Cathy Lazarus and Mike Southerland (City of Bryan Council Member) repeatedly voiced opposition to the new rule that protects landowners’ property rights from abuse by Bryan’s over pumping.

Ms. Lazarus and Mr. Southerland (City of Bryan), working in an obvious alliance, filed motions for rehearing, and both gave interviews to local news media in opposition to the Rule. Bryan City Council Member, Mike Southerland, in an interview with KAGS TV, said that eventually the city will over power and overcome the farmers, and that farmers need to be told what crops they can grow so more water will be available for the cities. Cathy Lazarus says the Rule is bad for landowners. This is not true. It protects landowners. Cathy Lazarus and the City of Bryan do not believe in a landowner’s right to use their water for its highest economic use.

Lazarus apparently has injected herself into the role of advising Robertson County Judge Charles Ellison on water issues. Does Ellison know Lazarus is working with the City of Bryan to take water rights from landowners? Does Judge Ellison support this anti-property rights agenda as well? Does Ellison know that Lazarus’s activist friend, Mike Southerland, plans on controlling the crops a farmer grows so more water will be available for the cities? Here is a novel idea for Southerland: if you need the landowner’s water, then buy it from him.

Cathy Lazarus is siding with the City of Bryan, who has permits for twice as much water than they have ever used and pumps thousands of acre feet of water from under their neighbor’s land without paying for it.

The City of Bryan may be getting bad advice from their anti-property rights attorney, Jim Mathews, as it considers suing the BVGCD. Robertson County Judge Charles Ellison is getting bad advice from anti-property rights activist Cathy Lazarus, who is in opposition to all four Robertson County Board members who support the new rule.

Cathy Lazarus is cozying up to the county commissioners in an attempt to get appointed to the BVGCD Board to further her anti-property rights, pro- Bryan agenda. Our state laws say water is a commodity owned in place by the landowners as is oil and gas. The City of Bryan and Cathy Lazarus refuse to accept State law and want to conceal their anti-property rights agenda, while the City of Bryan sucks the water from beneath the property of the landowners.